Why stumble through life…when you can sparkle?”
Recognize purpose…Realize potential.


Anne Carol Bullert, MS, MBA

Annie Bullert has a personal mission to help others reach their potential and has over 10 years of training and development experience. She started out in the health and fitness industry while still in college as a personal trainer and wellness educator. She has a masters degree in exercise physiology, is certified by the American College of Sports Medicine, and also has an MBA in HR/Organization Development. She has managed a health spa on the East Coast, worked as a personal trainer and coach, and created and facilitated numerous

educational programs on health, wellness and personal development. Professionally, she has worked at NordicTrack as an assistant project manager in health promotion/training, Rollerblade in employee wellness and administration, and at LifeTime Fitness as a project manager focusing mainly on fitness/health education, training and leadership development.

Ms. Bullert has appeared on local (Minneapolis/St. Paul) TV stations and radio stations, appeared at the Minneapolis Womens Expo, presented seminars across the country on wellness, and has been a guest speaker for online chats sponsored by Medformation. She is currently the CEO of her own training and consulting company, VENTURESPARK, dedicated to helping others recognize their purpose and realize their potential. She specializes in people development” training design and facilitation, thinking style assessment and training, organization development, and personal training and coaching. Some of her well-known clients have included Pacific Bell, Best Buy, LifeTime Fitness, and GMAC-RFC.

Never settle for less than an extraordinary life”
- Anonymous